Do You Still Use Your Ex’s Netflix Account?


Raise your hand if you've ever used your partner's parents' HBO Go log-in. Or Netflix, maybe? And then — keep your hand raised if you've kept that username/password combo logged into your computer for long after your breakup. Breaking up is hard to do, and harder still when you share an Amazon Prime account.

So we wanted to know: Do you still use an ex's log-in info? How 'bout an ex's dad's new wife's daughter's? Read on for 13 firsthand accounts of the messiness that can ensue when Netflix and chill becomes Netflix…alone. And if you have a story of your own, submit it here for a chance to be featured on our site.

Name: Haley
Location: New York, NY
Account: My ex-husband's Hulu

I've been using it for the year and a half since my ex and I split. It wasn't until two months ago that he realized I was still on the account. His new (and trashy) girlfriend made her own profile underneath mine, using the nickname I made for her. So they obviously had a conversation about it and instead of simply changing the password or deleting my account, they decided to take a jab at me. I don't care though. He's still paying for my Hulu, as well he should. The guy owes me.

Name: Siobhan
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Account: An old friend in the States who I haven't spoken to in years' ex-boyfriend's family plan!

She put me on it, but definitely her ex-boyfriend doesn't know.

Name: Kalie
Location: Nashville, TN
Account: My ex-boyfriend’s Spotify

In the time immediately after our (very messy) breakup, his account was still logged into my Amazon Alexa. I was cleaning the apartment after he moved out and put on some feel good jams to distract me. They kept stopping halfway through and switching to really sad breakup songs, or worse — ones that were “our” songs. I was so confused, but I finally put two and two together and texted him asking what was up. Turns out, he had been changing them from his computer on purpose to mess with me. I eventually got even with him about six months later when he was installing smart lights that were somehow still connected to the Alexa. I turned every light red and turned them on and off for about five minutes until I finally texted him innocently: “Hey, are you still logged into my Alexa account?” The future is here.

After this incident, I stopped using it.

Name: Jane
Location: Cheshire, England
Account: My married lover's Netflix account

I think his wife found out, as my daughter and husband used it whilst on holiday abroad over the summer — whoops!

Name: Grace
Location: North Carolina
Account: A friend's fraternity brother's mother's HBO account

We had a friend give us the login for his fraternity brother's mother's HBO account, but then shortly after we started using it, we had a falling out with said friend. We had never met our former friend's fraternity brother or his mom, so the owner of the HBO account doesn't know we are on it, but the former friend may know we are on it.

I imagine there are a lot of different people on this account, so I don't know what this woman thinks of her suggested shows, but we did have a little drama when Big Little Lies came out. My husband and I started watching the show as it aired on Sundays, but one Sunday we came to watch it and were told that we couldn't because someone else was watching the same episode on the same account. We wound up watching the next day, but then the next week when we went to watch again, we saw that someone had already started the episode before us and was about 20 minutes in. We tried watching it and it allowed us, so whoever was watching must have paused it. We rewound to the start of the episode and watched it through, and I just hope that we didn't boot the actual owner of the account off when she went to the bathroom!

Name: Natalie
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Account: My ex’s parent’s HBO account and also their cable

The last time I talked to my ex was during the Game of Thrones finale. We hadn’t talked in over a year. He messaged me saying that he knows I still use the account, and to get off so his family could watch. Little does he know, I wasn’t watching the finale that night but it could have been any of the multiple people I’ve given the account info to. I’ve even given it to a few strangers.

Name: Liz
Location: Denver, CO
Account: My friend’s ex-boyfriend, HBO Go

In a nutshell, my friend dated a guy for about three months and he’d given her his HBO Go password. She ended up sharing it with about six other friends. I overheard her giving it to a buddy one day at a BBQ and basically chastised her into handing it over. We used it for over THREE years, but when Game of Thrones started heating up we’d periodically get a message around 7 p.m. on Sunday that there were too many devices streaming. Sadly it all came to an end this year. Booztec57 if you’re out there, thanks for the memories.

Name: Sarah
Location: Boston, MA
Account: Ex-boyfriend, Amazon Prime
I accidentally ended my 5+-year relationship via Amazon Prime! We were "on a break" and were meeting back up after a month apart to discuss how we were feeling. I knew I wanted to break up, so I decided to try to cut any ties before that meeting — logging out of his Netflix, etc. Last stop was Amazon Prime, where I was a member of his household. I chose the option to remove myself from his household, and immediately got an email notifying me of the change. The wording of that email made me freak out that he received a similar email…and true enough, I got a text from my ex a few minutes later about the email. He saw the writing on the wall and I broke it off with him over the phone that night. Word to the wise — maybe wait to disconnect yourself until AFTER you talk to the person!

Name: Laura
Location: Sydney, Australia
Account: My ex's Netflix

I use my ex's account from three years ago. I don't know if he still knows, but he's changed the name of the account from mine to Kate, so I'm not sure if someone called Kate is also using it and doesn't realize I am too. The mystery person has their own 'my list' of shows, which does screw my algorithm sometimes, and I'm tempted to finish stuff they've been watching just to mess with him.

Name: Anupreet
Location: Detroit, MI
Account: My best friend's ex-boyfriend's dad/brother's account

I've been using it for the past six years and they have no idea. I always wonder who they think is getting to episodes of Insecure before they are…

Name: Amanda
Location: Nashville, TN
Account: Ex-boyfriend's Amazon Prime for Prime Video

My ex knew I used it, but my current boyfriend found out about it. He did not like the idea and told me I'm an adult and I should just get my own. I refuse to pay Amazon that much when I hardly use it (just a couple shows every now and then). Randomly one day my ex decided to change the password on me. I told my current boyfriend about it and he finally broke down and shared his account with me. So I'm still not paying for it, just like I wanted. Still not sure what happened with my ex changing his password though.

Name: Amanda
Location: San Francisco, CA
Account: My ex boyfriend's parents' HBO GO

I used my ex boyfriend's parents' HBO GO account for at least six years after we broke up. I'm not sure whether or not they noticed, but the password stopped working right before the last season of Game Of Thrones.

Name: Allison
Location: New York, NY
Account: My ex’s baby momma’s Netflix account

No, I don’t know how either of them haven't realized yet, and it’s been a year.

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