16 Products That Will Hide All Your Secrets

Secret hiding spots are no longer exclusive to impenetrable safes, swinging bookshelves, or hollowed-out tree trunks in the middle of the woods. Clandestine storage solutions have gone mainstream — meaning we can now shop portable, wearable, and displayable options that will easily conceal all of our most valuable stuff — and help camouflage some of our clutter.

We hunted down 16 of these modern hideaways in an array of unique fashion to homeware styles. So, until we master the Regina-George art of hiding secrets in our big hair, we'll need to rely on the alternative devices ahead for stashing our most personal belongings. Scroll on to discover your new favorite stowaway spot for keys, medicine, money, entryway essentials, a big 'ol pile of your kids toys, love notes, flasks, and whatever else your secret-storing hearts desire.

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Lululemon Stash N’ Run Bra

These days, if an item of athleisure doesn’t come with a hidden pocket, we’re not interested. And we’ve certainly seen plenty of shorts and leggings that are adorned with hidden compartments ( see slides 6 and 16, ahead), but sports bras and tops that come with these features are a bit harder to come by — which is why we jumped for joy at Lululemon’s cleverly designed stash bra, with a barely-visible slit for cards and housekeys.

lululemon Stash N Run Bra, $58, available at lululemon


CB2 Hide N Seek Acacia Wood Storage Shelf

This gorgeous, acacia-wood floating shelf with gilded metal accents doubles as an elevated secret storage chest for any living essentials you want to keep out of sight.

CB2 Hide N Seek Acacia Wood Storage Shelf, $149, available at CB2


Umbra Two-Tier Storage Container

The plated-metal tray-top on this sleek little storage unit can be lifted up to reveal not one, but two interior storage compartments.

Umbra Two-Tier Resin Storage Container With Removable Lid, $32, available at Amazon


Anthropologie Sydney Belt Bag

A stylish belt crafted from amber-colored suede and embossed leather that will hold our secrets (a.k.a. our keys and our cash)? Sign us up.

Anthropologie Sydney Belt Bag, $78, available at Anthropologie


Urban Outfitters Hideaway Storage Planter

Use this stowaway-compartment planter as safe keeping for extra keys outside, or as indoor storage for loose entryway essentials you'd rather not see.

Urban Outfitters Hideaway Storage Planter, $35, available at Urban Outfitters


HOFI High Waist Yoga Pants

Pockets on leggings are practically requisite in 2019. Now the challenge comes from finding the best leggings with the most strategically-placed pockets. These top-rated gam-huggers from HOFI come with two exterior mobile-phone sized pockets and an out-of-sight interior one — for any smaller items that you want to keep out of hidden. (A tummy-control waistband will also hide any stomach realities that you’re not ready to face.) With 4.4 out of 5 stars accumulated over 896 reviews and a reasonable $16.99 price tag, these leggings are your best bet for keep everything hidden.

Hofi High Waist Yoga Pants, $16.99, available at Amazon


Chanchala Secret Message Necklace

What looks at first like a classic bar necklace is actually a two-piece pendant that slides apart to reveal an engraved message. The necklace is available in two different lengths, and you can choose from nine fonts for properly expressing your secret thoughts and feelings. The only person who will know what you’re thinking is you — or the person who gave you the necklace.

Chanchala Secret Message Necklace, $33.78, available at Etsy


Beklina 1980s Sneaker Pouch

The California-based clog specialist designed this miniature pouch to attach to your shoelaces and hold tiny items that should be kept close at hand — “secrets, keys and drugs,” in the words of the indie retailer. The velcro-fastened design looks neat on a pair of sneakers, but can also attach to your bra, handbag, or other close-to-the-body surfaces.

Beklina 1980’s Sneaker Pouch, $45, available at Beklina


Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Alligator Storage Ottoman  

No one needs to know that you've spoiled your child rotten with a few too many toys — so many that it's positively a chore to scoop them all up at the end of the day. Just coach your kiddo to "feed the gator" every night. Problem solved.

Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Alligator Upholstered Storage Ottoman, $149, available at Walmart


Alessi Stainless-Steel Chestnut Pill Box

This stainless-steel, chestnut-shaped bauble can serve as a chic paperweight — but it can also swivel open as an incognito case for daily pills and vitamins.

Alessi Chestnut Stainless Steel Pill Box in Rose Gold, $39, available at Need Supply Co


Tangkula Lift-Top Coffee Table

An inconspicuous coffee table with secretive depths; This small-space furniture weapon boasts built-in storage cubes on the bottom and a hidden interior compartment beneath its lift-top.

Tangkula Lift-Top Coffee Table, $154.99, available at Amazon


Uncommon Goods Flask Book Box

Designer Talia Halliday's flask-hideaway, inspired by "Prohibition-era stashes," is thoughtfully handcrafted in Indiana from reclaimed library books.

Uncommon Goods Flask Book Box, $56, available at Uncommon Goods


Cielo Pill-Case Keychain

One way to never forget your daily vitamins or medications is by attaching it to another item you never want to forget; a compact pill case that serves as a minimalist, stainless-steel keychain.

Cielo Stainless Steel Pill Case Keychain, $24.95, available at Amazon


World Market Modular Storage Ottoman With Tray Top

When lifted, the reverse side of this ottoman's wooden tray top transforms into a matching fabric-covered cushion and the interior is a hollowed out unit for storage.

Cost Plus World Market Ryan Modular Storage Ottoman with Tray Top, $99.99, available at Cost Plus World Market


Etsy Secret Compartment Necklace

This sweet acorn-pendant necklace screws off to reveal a hollowed-out, secret interior spot.

LittlePancakes Secret Compartment Acorn Necklace, $41, available at Etsy


Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra

Stay on your athleisure style game while also wielding bonus secret storage power; this moisture-wicking performance skirt covers a pair of built-in, semi-compression mesh shorts with dual pockets.

Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra, $48.3, available at Zappos

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